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EMSAAC meetings are open to the general public and provide valuable information for individuals involved in EMS administration, management, operations or support. Our quarterly Board meetings are held one day prior to the regular EMS Commission meetings in March (Los Angeles), September (San Diego) and December (San Francisco). Our June meeting is normally held one day prior to the start of EMSAAC's Annual Conference at the conference venue.

Attendees are charged a meeting fee of $80 to help us offset costs for the meeting room, audio visual and/or IT support, coffee and beverage service. A buffet lunch is also included. Overnight accommodations are available to EMSAAC members at the State's contracted rate.

For those unable to attend in person, our meetings are usually web cast live via Go To Meeting. Contact the President for information on how to participate online.

Download this file (2015-09-15 EMSAAC Agenda.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[September 1, 2015]57 kB
Download this file (EMSAAC 3-17-15 Board of Directors.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[March 17, 2015]1512 kB
Download this file (2014-12-02 EMSAAC Open Session Meeting Packet.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[December 2, 2014]458 kB
Download this file (EMSAAC Agenda_091614.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[September 16, 2014]359 kB
Download this file (EMSAAC Agenda 5-27-2014(Revised).pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[May 27, 2014]102 kB
Download this file (EMSAAC Agenda 3-18-2014(final).pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[March 18, 2014]110 kB
Download this file (Agenda 12-3-2013(final).pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[December 3, 2013]58 kB
Download this file (EMSAAC Agenda 9-17-2013(final).pdf)Board Meeting Agenda[September 17, 2013]73 kB
Download this file (Agenda 5-28-13.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[May 28, 2013]81 kB
Download this file (Agenda 3-19-2013.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[March 19, 2013]87 kB
Download this file (Agenda 12-4-2012.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[December 4, 2012]83 kB
Download this file (Sept 18 agenda.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[September 18, 2012]83 kB
Download this file (StratPlanAgenda_091712.doc)Strategic Planning Workshop Agenda[September 17, 2012]74 kB
Download this file (June 4 2012 EMSAAC Meeting Agenda FINAL.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[June 4, 2012]78 kB
Download this file (March 20 2012 EMSAAC Meeting Agenda.doc)Board Meeting Agenda[March 20, 2012]146 kB

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