Emergency Medical Services Administrators' Association of California

Emergency Medical Services Administrators' Association of California

Legislative Committee

Capitol Building

EMSAAC's Legislative Committee tracks proposed legislation affecting EMS, and engages in political action on behalf of our members based on a Legislative Platform approved by the Board of Directors. The Committee also works closely with CHEAC and their Executive Director Judith Reigel, our legislative advocate in Sacramento.

Current committee members include:

  • Dan Burch, San Joaquin County EMS (Chair)
  • Bruce Barton, Riverside County EMS
  • Cathy Chidester, Los Angeles County EMS
  • Pat Frost, Contra Costa County EMS
  • Miles Julihn, Marin County EMS
  • Larry Karsteadt, North Coast EMS
  • Nancy Lapolla, San Mateo County EMS
  • Tom Lynch, Inland Counties EMS
  • Richard Murdock, Mountain Valley EMS
  • Jan Ogar, San Mateo County EMS
  • Michael Petrie, Santa Clara County EMS
  • Vickie Pinette, Sierra Sacramento Valley EMS
  • Dr. Karl Sporer, EMDAC
  • Dr. Greg Gilbert, EMDAC

The 2014 session of the California Legislature has now ended. During each session that begins in January, EMSAAC's Legislative Committee conducts weekly conference calls. To participate in these closed conference calls contact Committee Chair, Dan Burch.

Download this file (Lege Report 9-15-14.pdf)Legislative Report[Status of bills as of September 15, 2014]134 kB
Download this file (2013 EMSAAC Legislative Platform (12-3-12).pdf)Legislative Platform[Adopted by Board on December 4, 2012]341 kB
Access this URL (http://assembly.ca.gov/assemblymembers)CA State Assembly[Members' contact information]31 kB
Access this URL (http://senate.ca.gov/senators)CA State Senate[Seantors' contact information]20 kB

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