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community-paramedicine-logoOn April 9th the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) conducted a public hearing in Sacramento to receive testimony on a proposal by the Emergency Medical Services Authority which includes several pilot projects designed to explore the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of community paramedicine programs in California. EMSA's Director, Dr. Howard Backer, spoke in support of the proposal along with representatives of local EMS agencies. Opposition to the pilot projects was voiced from the CMA, and California emergency physicians and nurses.

OSHPD has statutory authority to approve such healthcare pilot projects under their Health Workforce Pilot Projects Program. A decision on the proposal is still pending.

For a list of the thirteen proposed pilot projects go to: Commmunity Paramedic Pilot Projects

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EMSAAC's annual conference promises to be one of the best ever! Register now to take advantage of our "Early Bird" discount. Spend two days with us at Loews Coronado Resort on beautiful Coronado Island, and take home a treasure-trove of new knowledge, challenges and vendor contacts that will help you do what you do in EMS even better!

For addtional information go to:  Conference Registration

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VoteVoting for officers to serve on EMSAAC's Executive Team for 2014-15 is now underway. Board members only will receive an individual ballot from the President to complete and return via email or fax. Balloting is for the offices of President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. Under EMSAAC's By Laws our current President-Elect, Michael Petrie, will automatically succeed to President in July. Be sure to vote!

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MARIN EMS LOGOMarin County has updated its Medical Health Branch Operations Handbook to include the latest procedures for: Resource Ordering, Facility Status Reporting, Situation Reporting, Medical Health Job Action Checklists, CAHAN, Reddinet, CHEMPACK Deployment, Field Treatment Sites, and more. This handbook is intended as a quick reference guide for the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator Program and staff in Medical Health operations during a disaster or other emergency. It can be easily adapted for use in other operational areas.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Download handbook here:  Medical Health Branch Operations Handbook

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CHerringImperial County has appointed Chris Herring to lead the EMS Agency for this large and mostly rural county located in the southeast corner of California. Imperial is home to several large-scale farming operations and a number of recreation areas that draw visitors and offroad enthusiasts. Mr. Herring takes over from Cedric Cesena, who resigned late last year. He is shown here monitoring the Statewide Medical Health Exercise at a local hospital last November. EMSAAC welcomes Chris to our Board of Directors!

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